Pastor John Gray has said that his worst hurt has come from the church.


In an interview on #GetupErica Pastor #JohnGray expressed that his worse hurt has come from the church. Most recently he was under so much fire for attending a meeting with President Trump. Many from different faiths and races accused him of not “rebuking” the president about “certain behaviors” he has displayed during his tenure so far in the white house. In relation to today’s Interview, one twitter user asked one the #GetupErica hosts why Pastor Gray had to be at the meeting when #45 has already shown his true colors.

However, as we stated in a previous article that we believe God calls us for the nations, we are always on an assignment to serve people from all walks of life and that includes exchanging dialogue even with those we many not always fully agree with. Many people may not understand the decisions John Gray may make or even certain decisions you may personally have to make. However, God always has a different Kingdom assignment for different people at different levels. Its easy to criticize what our mind cannot fathom in the natural.

Let us stop bashing our Pastors and Leaders and instead  pray for them, so that they may make wise decisions.

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