Pastor Says President Trump Is Someone Who Was Put Into Power Not At The Desire of God!


Dr. A.R. Bernard, founder and CEO of the Christian Cultural Center, New York City’s largest evangelical congregation, In a recent appearance on “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” advised he resigned from the Evangelical Advisory Board in August after realising he would not be able to influence policy through the group’s work.

As Dr. Bernard explained why he left President Trump’s Evangelical Advisory he talked about what appeared as the presidents lack of interest in the pastor’s concerns at a sit down they had as he seemed more interested in the fact that he had made it to the White House. Explaining more about his departure he said; “(I felt) that I would be a minority voice at the table to help influence policy, ideas, initiatives. Fast forward to May of 2017, sitting in the Blue Room next to him at a table having dinner, so I engaged him (President Trump) and I seized a good 15, 20 minutes to talk about the inner city, “.

He also spoke about state of the country likening President Trumps election to King Saul as he further expressed; “We’ve been forced to have a conversation that we’ve needed to have since the Civil War,” he said. “I interpret it (Trump’s election) as Saul, someone who was put into power not at the desire of God but as concession to the people and who ended up exposing the spiritual and moral condition of the nation.”

Dr Bernard also pointed out that President Trump “doesn’t come across as someone who legitimately knows the Bible,” but added that the situation isn’t “all bad because America has been exposed.”

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  • Glenndora Stockton says:

    This too, shall pass.

  • When I read articles and words from pastors or even other Christians like this I have to wonder if you would rather have a corrupt, baby killing, possible murderous woman in the White House who doesn’t seem to know the difference between classified and unclassified. . I am not convinced of the condition of Trumps soul. Only God knows, but I do know God uses who He will use. He will even use a non Christian to accomplish His plan. What I do see is that Trump ran on a platform that I agreed with. He is also sympathetic to concerns Christians have. What do you people really want? Do you even know?

  • Pastor Rolando Ayala says:

    Too fast judging! God is protecting Israel 🇮🇱. If it wasn’t for Trump Hillary had already given Israel up to the UN. He is not a Dr in Teology Give him time to grow as a Christian. God knows best.

  • Ameyojundra Yalpundis says:

    Ummmmmm….NO!! Not at all!

  • Trump may not be what you consider to be a holier than thou christian,, yet a christian, still in process..God uses who He pleases to use.. not always those others think should be..I know President Trump is a man of God, meant for such a time as support him, pray for Him..stop judging him.

  • Ellen Covington says:

    Amen to this. I see no repentance or humility in Mr. Trump. Many of the elect will be deceived comes to mind as I watch his behavior. The other scripture that comes to mind is, (paraphrased) what is in his heart comes out of his mouth.

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