Pastor Tortured, Then Hung to Death: Lets Pray For Our Pastors.


Morning Star News reported on Sunday on the murder of a pastor in India who was known for long five to six hour prayer sessions. Pastor Gideon Periyaswamy of Maknayeem Church in southern India was found early Saturday morning. His death comes after he had complained about Hindu extremists. Pastor Periyaswamy was tortured and hung to death, church members said.

Congregation members said they found the body of pastor Periyaswamy hanging from a rope in his one-room house beside the church building, they also reported that his knees were bent stiff, as if others had placed him in the noose after his death. He was 43 years of age.

Pastor Periyaswamy was single and served as pastor for more than 12 years. He converted from Hinduism 25 years ago, his close friend, pastor Azariah Reuben, told Morning Star News.

“The local Hindus were not happy with growing Christianity,” Pastor Reuben said. “They had several times tried to stop the ministry.”

At a pastors’ meetings and on other occasions, Pastor Periyaswamy spoke of Hindu hostilities to his church services and requested prayer, he said. Pastor Reuben said that Pastor Periyaswamy once remarked, “I have no problem – if needed, if the Lord permits it, I would die as martyr for Christ, but the ministry should not stop.”

We pray for all those affected by his death. may God’s love and comfort surround them.

Sorry we could not publish the actual images of Pastor Gideon’s Murder out of respect.

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