Popular Conservative Christian Blogger Threatened to be Burned Alive.


Elizabeth Johnston, is best known for her traditional conservative beliefs about things like marriage, sex and abortion, and runs “The Activist Mommy Blog” and social media pages. She usually posts viral video rants and recently voiced concern to Facebook administrators about a private Facebook group that was titled “I will find Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive.”

Johnston has cried foul after Facebook claimed that a Facebook group that threatened to burn her alive didn’t violate its community standards. In an exchange of dialogue she had with The Christian Post on Tuesday she expressed that although she reported the page through Facebook, she received a response to her claim that stated that was not favourable:

Johnston took a screenshot of the response from the social media giant and posted it to Facebook. Since going public with her displeasure about the group’s name, Johnston says that the group has since changed its name to “May God make the Activist Mommy Spontaneously Combust.”

Johnson has expressed concern in her exchange with The Christian Post stating that: “That is the thing that is even more dangerous about this is that it is a private group that is inciting violence against me. So I can’t be there to see what it is,” she added. “It is not like a public page where what they say about me I can see it. But I can’t see what is going on inside of here. Last week, I got two very targeted death threat emails. I don’t get those on a weekly basis. I get very hateful mail but I don’t I get threats of, ‘I know where you live.’ Last week, I got two that were so frightening that I called the police and I filed a report.”


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Image Credit: Facebook / The Activist Mommy

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