#PRAY: Nurses, Doctors and Health-care workers in COVID-19 battle face PTSD, mental health issues and more!!


Coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has caused a spike in Medical Personal quitting their jobs, as they fear that their lives are ‘at risk’ due to their own health and wellness allegedly not being put first as suggested by this nurse who just quit her job.

Many within the medical field have come to her defense. One comment that stood out from the facebook post was from (firstname witheld) Taylor, who said ‘past the smokescreens and politics of what the media or those high-up want you to believe, many in the medical field are walking away because their well-being is not being looked out for’.

Dr. Andrea Alfonso is an anesthesiologist at a private hospital in Milan, Italy’s second-most populous city. Each day, he drives to work on near-empty streets in a country grappling with at least 69,000 COVID-19 cases and more than 6,800 deaths.

The work conditions are physically exhausting, Alfonso said. It takes 10 minutes to suit up with all the protective gear, gloves, face masks and more once he’s at the hospital. And every six hours — because shifts can last eight or even 12 hours — everything needs to be removed and changed, only to start the suiting-up process all over again.

There’s no drinking or eating while wearing the gear. There’s no break, no “down time” — just a ceaseless flow of patients with the respiratory disease, not to mention those who come in for other emergency issues.

This is such a trying time for many, especially those on the front-line risking their lives for the nation. The pressure is unimaginable, that a Nurse has killed herself’ at south London hospital where she treated coronavirus patients. (CBC NEWS)

The young nurse is thought to have killed herself at the south London hospital where she worked treating coronavirus patients.

The woman, said to be in her 20s, was found unresponsive on Monday at King’s College Hospital, Camberwell.

Despite the best efforts of medical staff, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Our front-liners need our prayers like never before.


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Image: Corona Patient -Gemelli Policlinico-Handout via Reuters


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