President Trump Declared Sunday National Day of Prayer, but Let us not stop there!

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How to Pray During the Corona-virus Pandemic!

It’s easy: you turn on CNN or you spend an hour watching Fox News, and before you know it, you’re in one of two places. Panic is setting in or indifference is taking root. The reality, though, is people are hurting and there’s more to come. There’s reason to be concerned and there’s even more reason to pray.

Prayer and wise decision-making is what will carry us through the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic as it begins to spread across the Nations.

Lord God,

We pray for Your protection over all your children around the world on this day and the many more to come.  We pray you will bring healing to those suffering from this virus and also for those who have lost loved ones due to this virus. We acknowledge that You are our hiding place, and under the shadow of Your wings, we can always find refuge. Protect us from any form of trouble or harm wherever we go, and keep evil far from us. No matter where we are, I pray that we will continually look to You as our Protector, the one who fights for us every day.

Thank you for your loving kindness, faithfulness, along with Your goodness and mercy, as you continue to surround us daily.  We will continue to move by Faith and not by Sight and we will not fear whatever might come against us. Our Lives, Hope, Faith and trust is in You God. Thank you for loving us and protecting us all.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Just thinking out loud. In this time of great concern when there are so many people out there alone or in families who’ve ended up self-isolating or will have to self-isolate, let’s start a movement and donate a dollar each or more if you feel like it. That way if someone is in need, we can be able to cash app or transfer $50-100 dollars to someone close to them to collect essentials for them. I believe this sort of online community spirit will help us all get through the coronavirus challenge. Please donate via the link below and don’t forget to share.


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