#Procrastination is the thief of Joy and Purpose.


They say time is of the essence be the essence of your time. How true those words ring daily as i look at how fast time is flying by. Life is a journey full of interesting ideologies, lessons, concepts but one truth (The Word of God). I sat here thinking  of time and how in life you can cut your hair and it will grow back and when you lose a job, you can get it back or apply for another. Imagine how you can trade money, lose money and yet still make money again! Time on the other hand is like a feathered pillow, once the feathers have been freed, it is hard to gather them back. Life is funny in the essence that you can squander many things and get them back but the same cannot be said about time. One of my favourite passages/stories in the Bible that constantly encourages me to be better and nip any habits of procrastination in the bud, is the story found in Luke 9:57-62

The Cost of Following Jesus

In verse 61 ‘Another said, “I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say good-bye to my family.”’ Have you ever seen anywhere in the Bible where it records that he followed Jesus? That is what procrastination does. It constantly has you looking back instead of focusing on whats at stake. Another thing i used to struggle with was perfectionism. Singing is one of my passions and when I would go into the studio, If I couldn’t do it right, I used to get put off doing it, and won’t do it at all! What I used to forget was that, before anyone can become a master at something, it is absolutely normal to fail at it a loads or a couple of times. This is further supported in the Bible. Almost every story of success you will read, there is also a struggle recorded.  I know that sometimes things are easier said than done but today has to be that day you decide to make a move and stop making excuses.  Today, is the tomorrow you were talking about yesterday and opportunities present in this day may never come again. So stop procrastinating and just do it.

There are some things in life that require your absolute commitment and diligence. Therefore, what are your priorities, sort them out and set goals and time lines and begin today to get things done.



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