Questions Raised as to why Lauren Daigle who Takes Issue With the Label ‘Christian Artist’took home the Christian Category at Grammy’s

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Lauren Daigel has hit headline after headline and most recently has been in a spotlight of controversy regarding her stance on many things the Bible does not condone. Most recently,  the hit singer of “You Say” expressed that she doesn’t consider herself a Christian artist, but simply an “artist.”

Over the past year, Daigle has become increasingly more famous, performing her music on shows usually reserved for secular music, including “Good Morning America,” “Dancing With the Stars,” and “The Tonight Show.”

As her music becomes more mainstream, even being played on Shonda Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy,” many are wondering what is next musically for the Louisiana native.

In an interview with 104.3 FM, the host asked Daigle if she considered herself a Christian artist, even though her music is becoming more and more mainstream.

“I feel like those labels get put on you by other people,” Daigle said. “I was reading articles, I read them here in there, and one of them said Christian artist and the other ones said just artist. But I think part of me is just an artist because it encompasses everything. That’s kind of how I see myself.”

The 27-year-old added that when she made her latest album “You Say,” she drew from a variety of artists.

“While we were making this record we were constantly studying the greats that came before — Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, Andre Crouch, Lauren Hill — there’s just a plethora of artists that we listened to, over and over,” she said.

In a CBN article, it was noted that Interestingly enough, the young artist did not mention Jesus or God throughout the 104.3FM interview, sticking to general phrases like “faith,” while placing a large emphasis on the importance of love.

This may come as a surprise to others, but it should not, as Daigel is no stranger to secular music as she originally auditioned for American Idol, in hopes of becoming a secular artist.

Many have taken issue with her taking home the gongs for the Christian category at the Grammy’s, meaning her wins denied actual REAL and UNASHAMED Christian artists the opportunity.

One user on Facebook commented:

“She has NO BUSINESS getting either since she doubts God’s Word and doesn’t even want her music classified as Christian – HER EXACT WORDS not mine !!!!!

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