Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity.


Nabeel Qureshi was someone whose ministry and story had captured most of us. We followed his Christian journey and saw the ridicule he endured from the Muslim faith he had once held so near and dear and yet left behind and walked away from. I remember the day we found out that he was battling cancer, we prayed for him at our morning brief in the office trusting and hoping for the best. Fast to 2017 on Saturday, September. Nabeel Qureshi, aged 34, entered into glory after enduring a year long battle with cancer.

Today we celebrate his life and the also celebrate the awesome works he did for the Kingdom. To be ridiculed like he was just because he chose to walk away from his Islamic background for the sake of Christ must have been very difficult. Today we remember Nabeel Qureshi 1987-2017 as our spotlight feature of the week. We would love to see Nabeel’s family flourishing and not ridiculed for choosing Jesus. If you have never read his book click on the link below and buy a copy. You will be a blessing to his legacy and family.


Rest in Jesus Nabeel Qureshi 1987-2017

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