So Good – Song #21 from Homegrown Worship

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The Homegrown Worship release this week draws inspiration from one of the most cherished and recognised passages of scripture: John 3:16.

Some scriptures are so familiar they seem to lose their potency in our crowded lives…

Not only does the uplifting chorus catchily remind us that ‘God so loved the world that He gave us His only Son’, but the song ends with a set of lyrics that uniquely describe the all-encompassing love of God; language that will jump-out to many familiar with contemporary worship music.

“Unconditionally, undeniably, irrefutably: this is the way you love me!
Unequivocally, categorically, evidentially: this is the way you love me!”

Homegrown Worship is seeking writers from across the world to unearth and share new worship songs, covering the whole musical spectrum, for one of our forthcoming playlists. Partner with us on our mission to see the church reach new levels of diversity and creativity by sharing the vision behind Homegrown Worship.

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The story behind the the song
God loves us:

Unconditionally – it not subject to any conditions.
Undeniably – it is unable to be disputed.
Irrefutably – it’s impossible to deny or disprove.
Unequivocally – in a way that leaves no doubt.
Categorically – in a way that is unambiguously explicit and direct.
Evidentially – we have evidence.

All of these statements are backed up by what we learn in John 3:16. I hope you listen to the end of the recording to sing along with these weighty-words

Andy Baker
Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship


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