Start Your Day Right – Today’s Prayer.


I call prayer a powerful tool for dialogue with our Heavenly Father and certainly a daily necessity.

Prayer is an opportunity to tell God how grateful we are, to express our love toward Him and sometimes also a means of making a petition/request known to God. Prayer helps us to find strength for today and hope for our future.

When we pray we have to trust and have faith in its power to change our circumstances for good.

Remember, the quality of your faith can determine the results of your life.

Our Prayer today is centred on God being the centre of it all;Don’t try to do this year 2018 without God.

Our Prayer Today;

Father, thank you for the wonderful plans you have for my loved ones and I, in this year.

Your word in Isaiah 48:17 tells me ” I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads

you by the way you should go.” and I trust you to lead me and make my path straight. I have made a choice today

to completely and wholly surrender to Your will and just like Jacob, I won’t let go until you bless My family and I.

I put my confidence in You for I know who I am in You. I want all you have for me in this season.

Be Glorified oh God. In Jesus’s name, amen.


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