Tasha Cobbs-Leonard Sharing God Boldly in Powerful GMA Performance



What a way to show up and show our Great God off and with such a bold declaration of what God is about to do this new year. Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs-Leonard in the middle of Times Square on ABC’s “Good Morning America” kicked off the morning with a powerful rendition of her single, “I’m Getting Ready.”

“I’m Getting Ready” has been generating buzz since Cobbs-Leonard performed the hit song on BET’s “Black Girls Rock” last year. The singer added to the hype at the top of the year and even before she performed the song live on GMA on Jan. 4, host Robin Roberts said that everyone in the studio was already so moved just by her soundcheck.

During sound check Roberts was heard saying to Cobbs-Leonard “Oh my goodness, your soundcheck just stopped everybody early this morning,” and further asked Tasha to describe what it is about the song that has such a huge impact.

Tasha responded; “It introduces God to people in a situation that they may have thought they were alone and that they may have thought that they couldn’t get out of. But this song says I’m getting ready to see something I’ve never seen,”.

we don’t know about you but this year we are excited about what God is already doing.


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