The Activist Mommy on What Fuels Her Fight Against the Evil Culture of Sexualization of Children


Elizabeth Johnston, is a blogger/vlogger mom of ten based in North Carolina and has been a longtime pro-life advocate.  She has long been on a crusade to stand up to and resist the ever increasingly coarsened American culture, particularly what she calls the sexualization of children and youth taking place in popular media and in government-backed sex-ed curriculum in public schools and considers it a privilege to inspire others.

With over 600,000 followers on Facebook and known for her viral videos railing against evil at work in culture, she is urging every Christian to engage in the fight for the preservation of children’s innocence. Voting is not enough, she has maintained.

Her viral video in July of 2017 blasting Teen Vogue for its article promoting anal sex to young people brought awareness to many parents who had no idea the teen fashion magazine was marketing that agenda to minors. The magazine shut down the print publication for good months after that last summer.

Johnston has a new book coming out called Not on My Watch, which explains how she became an activist. It also aims to encourage and equip others to use their voices to push back against evil of all kinds. It will be released early next year.

Lets continue to support people like her, putting their lives on the line for the faith in a fight for decency.

I’m a christian and I’m proud

Image Credit: Facebook / The Activist Mommy

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