In a recent Interview with Jan Markell on his latest book, author Bill Koneig offers a new outlook for Christians: The Bible is coming to life and no one is noticing.

“We are living in the most significant and important time in Bible-prophecy history – with the least amount of interest in the Church,” Koenig said.

“There are so many distractions today, people are being pulled in so many directions, there is an information overload, and it amazes me that there is so little interest.”

Jpost shared a snippet of that interview on Jan Markell’s “Understanding the Times” radio show, Koenig told the founder of Olive Tree Ministries that still only a small percentage of church-goers understand the biblical significance behind the events that the Trump administration has ushered in, such as recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and possibly approaching the peace deal as described in Daniel 9:27.

“The fact that Jerusalem is God’s time-clock, the nations that we know to watch, the leaders that we know to watch. We are so blessed that we fully understand it,” said Koenig, the author of “Eye to Eye – Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel” and “Revealed – Obama’s Legacy.”

“The Bible is playing out right before our eyes. The Jewish prophets of the [Bible] spoke of these days. And we are honored and privileged and blessed to be living in this day.”

But whilst that may be so, what many of us should be doing is self assessing our stand and readiness if the trumpet were to blow.

Do you feel ready if you were to face our Maker today?


Image Crefit: Rafi Kotz

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