The Church Has Left The Building!!


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The Church Has Left The Building.

I’m sure most of you are right about now wondering what this is about. “The church has left the building” is one of my favourite sayings, because I am a firm believer of not being confined to four walls (Church without walls). I absolutely loved Jesus’ ministry where he went out into communities and touched real people with real problems.

He saw a world that was in pain and need salvation and realised he could not accomplish his mission by just closing Himself up within four walls. Many people think the church is the building or a particular denomination neglecting the fact the “We” the people are the church. As a matter of fact I often see Christians fighting over whose denomination is he correct one, surely Jesus must be laughing (I think He has a sense of humour). Seriously though, it is so disappointing to see children of God going to war over denominations.

I belong to the Kingdom denomination, this is a denomination where WE ARE THE CHURCH. You and I, furthermore in this Kingdom, The Word of God is the truth we are to stand on and anything outside of His word (not in alignment) is error. It saddens me when I see the division in the church today. Many people are so caught up in “Church Play” and its a sad state of affairs, when people are more concerned with religion, routine, what car the pastor drives, what his house looks like (competition).

Whats even more sad is that we as the body of Christ are guilty of propelling this movement that is more concerned about going to the pastor who drives a Lamborghini than the content of that space. We need to get back to basics and remember why He called us, and that is to be fishers of men. Lets get back to intimacy and relationship. Its nice to have good things as children of God (Besides he says “no good thing will I withhold from those who walk uprightly”). So yes, while that may be lovely can we please get back to pure love and relationship and leave the building.

This is in no way saying we should not congregate in our respective churches. However, this is to remind, you and I to go out there and reach out of the four walls. Its time to be bold and stop shying away from that which God has assigned to you in this season.

God bless you


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