The Joshua Wave of Warriors – Dr Clement Part 2


The key of servant-hood

The Joshua wave of ministers God is raising up are those who want to mix with the people, be among them and to worship with them. They don’t come to the meetings just for their ministry and leave after the meeting ends although there are some of the Joshua wave ministers who behave like that and copy the kind of lifestyle adopted by the Moses wave. These lifestyles have got nothing to do with the Word. It is only a lifestyle. Sadly these lifestyles can prevent them from moving into the peak of the Joshua wave God is bringing forth.

God is doing something new in the hearts of the generation of the five-fold ministers whom He is raising. He is putting them into a service-oriented ministry even before they are launched forth. Joshua learned to serve Moses for many years. He is called Moses’ assistant. The Hebrew word for assistant here means servant.

Jesus said that he who desires to be greatest among you must be a servant of all. Certainly the last generation of ministers that will see the return of Jesus Christ and bring forth the last wave of revival in the last days and see the greatness of God will be among those with the most servant-like of ministers than compared to the previous generation. Joshua served Moses during the latter’s entire life.

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