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The place in between

Look at Exodus 24: 1,2,9-13. We see here in verse 13, Joshua going above Moses’ other assistants in serving him. When Moses and Joshua reached a certain point, Moses told Joshua to wait for him while Moses continued up the mountain to meet God. So Joshua sat down waiting for Moses, the people were down at the mountain while Moses was up and he (Joshua) was in between them. Moses was having a good time with God as God appeared to him for 40 days and nights, giving him the Ten Commandments and speaking to him about many things, experiencing the glory of God that even his countenance shone. Meanwhile at the foot of the mountain the Israelites began to have a good time themselves in worshipping the golden calf. Ex 32:1. Joshua stood waiting in between in the wilderness in a position of serving.

The Joshua generation will be a generation that learns to serve. God puts them through a period of service and in this period they do not have the spiritual experiences yet. They would probably be serving in obedience under another ministry like Joshua under Moses and Joshua would be promoting Moses instead of himself during his service. During this time Moses was the one who talked to God, who had all the visions, and who heard the voice of God, while Joshua had nothing.

He only heard Moses’ voice, saw Moses getting all the visions; neither did Joshua get to enjoy the celebration of the Israelite people worshiping the golden calf and the things of the flesh. It would have been easy to give up things in the flesh if you have a spiritual replacement, but Joshua neither had fleshly or spiritual delights.

It would have been easy for people to give up television when they have God’s vision. Just pray in tongues and they might see the spirit world. It would be easy to give up something if you have something to replace it with. It is harder to give it up if you have nothing to replace it. That was what Joshua had to face. He did not arrive at the point where he could receive spiritual experiences from God. Yet at the same time he was at the point where he had to give up a lot of his earthly inclinations and pleasures in order to serve Moses. Moses was not an easy person to serve. Joshua was in a half way point and he had to serve in a position where his heart was tugged in two different directions. The servant heart characteristic is what God wants to give to the Joshua wave minus the pleasure but no benefits yet. It is an in between.

The second characteristic of the life of a servant besides giving up the pleasures of this world before you receive the things of the spirit realm is where you are put to do the most humbling, menial tasks. Like Elisha pouring water on the hands of Elijah as in 2 Kings 3: 11. Like cleaning the toilets and doing things where no one else may want to do. And a lot of those who God is raising up in the Joshua generation are being put to that. But there are many who resist and say, “I don’t want that kind of work. I am called to be a world evangelist.” No doubt you may be called as an evangelist to 130 countries, but before you can experience that kind anointing, God may want you to wash 130 toilets.

There is something within us that dislike doing such jobs. If we come from a background that is used to menial tasks we may do it. If we come from a background where we have a silver spoon in our mouths, we may not want to do menial tasks that easily. However the bad news is that the Joshua wave people will have to go through that. The good news is that all the Joshua wave will receive their rewards if they go through it.

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