The Joshua Wave of Warriors – Dr Clement Part 4


The process of dying to self

In the last days the Joshua wave is going to have good rapport with the grass roots. They will not be like the Moses wave that stands on a pedestal. It has got something to do with God wanting to exalt them and before He can do that, He has to humble them. God often chooses natural ways to bring us into humility by allowing us to do the most menial, humble tasks to see whether we are going to do it or not. And you are not going to receive praise from men, or get noticed. The only time you are going to get noticed is when you are not doing your job! Some of us do not want to do the natural tasks. We only want to do spiritual tasks. Elisha had to go through a period of service under Elijah. He probably came from a middle-class family having an oxen and a field which not many people had in those days. When Elijah threw a mantle on Elisha in 1 Kings 19, the first task Elisha  probably had to do was washing Elijah’s clothes, cooking his food, and perhaps even catching locusts as food for him. There were a lot of natural tasks that had to be done by Elisha.

The Joshua wave need to realise they will be placed in menial tasks in order that their character can be formed, moulded and broken until they die to self. Then God will raise them up to exalt them.

It takes time to get used to being ordered around. Every time Elijah needed something done he would call out to Elisha and Elisha had to respond. When Elijah finished eating and needed to wash his hands, he would call out to Elisha and Elisha had to pour water on his hands. Can you imagine doing that for ten years without coming to the place where you get the anointing to see visions are revelations? It does something to your inside. It moulds you until you are dead to self and something forms inside you where you have a servant heart attitude like Jesus. This is the reason for the greatness of Jesus – He came to serve and not to be served. Jesus was willing to serve.

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