The Joshua Wave of Warriors – Dr Clement Part 5


Fresh New Vision

Joshua 5: 13-15. The second characteristic is that the Joshua wave will have a fresh new vision. The vision will be similar but different from the Moses wave. Both Moses and Joshua stood on holy ground. Both of them possibly saw different angels or the same angel in different manifestations. The Joshua wave must experience the same holy ground, the same depth of vision as the Moses wave and the same commission, but it will also be different. Moses’ angel was in a bush. Joshua’s angel was with a sword. Moses’ angel was where Moses had to draw to him. Joshua saw the angel when he looked up.

Many who want to move into the Joshua wave often fail to experience the spiritual depth the previous generation had. We read the story over and over again in the Bible that when the generation that knew the Lord in Joshua’s time died, the next generation did not and went astray. It is the story of the Book of Judges again. Sometimes a move of God comes, the next generation that takes over has the talent but do not have the spiritual experience and they could not last the pace and momentum. As a result, they lose some level of the anointing, which the previous generation had.

Let me be more precise. If you want to move in William Branham’s anointing you would have to have the same angelic encounter he had. You may not see the same angel in the same manner as he had but you must have an angelic encounter in order to operate in the same anointing he had. If you want to move into the same kind of ministry Kenneth E. Hagin does, you must have visions of Jesus. Hagin had eight visions of Jesus that changed his ministry. He took fifteen years to see his first vision. You may take a different number of years. There will be differences but there has to be a similarity of the same kind of experiences.

 If you want to move into an evangelistic office like TL Osborn, you would have to have the same vision and call that he had when he heard the voice call him, “You can do the same thing” and he launched forth. If you want to move into any of the anointing and mantles that the Moses wave had, you must have a similar type of spiritual experience. The sad thing is that principles and precepts can be taught but experiences have to be bought. Why bought? You have to pay a price for those experiences.

It is easy to get taught and get association with that level of anointing. But to move into the same Moses wave mantle you must have that similar experience. That is why there are very few people who move into Apostle Paul’s kind of ministry because Paul had a supernatural encounter with the Lord Jesus. You may have all of Paul’s epistles memorised and understand all he wrote, but unless you have that vision experience that Paul had, you will not be able to carry the same mantle that Paul had.

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