The Joshua Wave of Warriors – Dr Clement Part 6


Experience is bought not copied

When you have that level of anointing in an office, God will make it possible for you to move into the same area, just as Joshua moved into the office of Moses. Although in your preparation years you may not have them, but when it comes time to move into them you will have the same kind of vision and anointing. I know it is a difficult thing to understand and to grasp. But it is just like this. For example, if the day comes for me to pass the mantle to somebody else, they can listen to all my tapes and understand everything in them that I have taught in my entire life, but unless they have seen the same Jesus I saw they would not be able to move into my anointing. There is something about meeting the Lord Jesus that changes you. Spiritual experiences cannot be imparted. Only teaching precepts and principles can be imparted. Spiritual experiences have to be bought with a price. And there is only one giver, Almighty God. And you buy it from Him. Jesus to the Laodicean Church to come and buy from Him eye salve to remove the scales from their eyes.

The Joshua wave is a complementary move that builds upon the Moses wave. There are many who try to claim the mantles of previous men of God but are unable to, because they never experience that same level or quality of spiritual experience that the Moses wave had.

Benny Hinn who moved into Kathryn Khulman’s anointing had the same experience with the Holy Spirit that Kathryn had. Kathryn Khulman met the Holy Spirit as she was walking along a dead end street and said she knew it was Him. Benny Hinn experienced Him in his room. Spiritual experiences must be equal in quality for the Joshua generation to move into them.

The task and commission may be different but the spiritual experiences must be equal in depth and quality and on the same Holy ground. Joshua stood on holy ground just as Moses had although the place was geographically different for Joshua and in different chronological times. You must enter the same holy ground that the Moses generation entered. Oh, Joshua generation, it is so vital!

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