The Last Supper. Lets Celebrate Our Health Heroes!!


Doctor Sarah Jordan from the U.K took to Facebook to share about a new change in her life amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“I’ve kissed my little boys good night for the last time until this is over. Tomorrow they go, with my husband who ceased to have a job this morning, to live with my Mum in isolation and safety.” This is due to her being a frontline essential worker. She continued;

“At the same time I go to do my first shift as a consultant on a COVID ward, one of many, over several months. I cannot step back from this responsibility, no more than any of my colleagues. Many of us are making the same sacrifice, separating from their families to keep them safe, for an unknown, but considerable period.” She shared about this new shift to their family life.

“I don’t want thanked for this, or to be called any sort of hero, because I’m not. Certainly no more than any other NHS worker. All I ask is you make it worth my while by staying at home and doing your bit, and appreciate kissing your little ones good night.”

Let us remember to Pray for all our Front-liners around the world, working day and night to fight this Coronavirus pandemic.


Source + Image: Sarah Jordan – Facebook


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