This video really DISTURBED me. What is happening to our “leaders”? What TROUBLED me the most was the fact that even whilst the hosts fully know the word, they laughed about it as if there was nothing wrong with what was being said.

I know some people will differ with my school of thought/opinion and feel free to. However whilst I am all for dialogue, I also strongly feel that right there within the context of that dialogue was a place for correction and clarification.

It is very dangerous to give such a platform to people with a different perspective than that from the word if we are to shows a level of cowardice and compromise to wait till the conversation is over and have a “monologue” instead of correcting everything by precept and actually have a conversation.

And then Jamal Bryant joking about his wife not knowing he was into open relationships was all the evidence needed for those who supposedly hold him accountable to have an honest conversation with themselves about standards. It’s a shame this is the representation of the church of Christ.

I know some will argue “well the typical Christian response would be to shut it down and clarify with the Word during the discussion. However that approach isn’t always fruitful especially with unbelievers.” I personally disagree with that thought because I am a firm believer that how one approaches and presents a subject to others is very important and will determine the outcome.

We have to be careful when we have been entrusted with certain platforms. If you ever come to a place where you begin to seek world fame and serving the agenda of the world than HE that you claim commissioned you, then you need to check yourself, check out and re-evaluate yourself. Care about teaching truth and actually helping God’s people.

I will close with;

Luke 12:48 AMP but the one who did not know it and did things worthy of a beating, will receive only a few [lashes]. From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.

God bless you



Video: courtesy of youtube preachers channel

Image:courtesy of google images


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