I know it is easier said than done, but I can assure you that it can become easily done too. Hopefully after reading this you will begin to see things differently and learn to trust Him completely.

There are not many people who are transparent these days to let you in on their struggles or triumphs and etc…. However I always love to share first hand experiences and practical things that can propel you to be be better. If you like me have experienced down times (what i like to call the valley of dry bones) then you know there comes a point where you feel like throwing in the towel because it just doesn’t seem like those dry bones can live again. Have you ever experienced a season of stagnation, where things are not moving how you wished they would and you just feel like your potential is wasting away? Well, I have. But how many of us have actually asked ourselves why the stagnation or why is their a hindrance?

One day I started asking myself these questions and wrote down different answers to justify myself and shift blame onto anything and everything but me. But when i decided to be honest with myself i realised that i was the problem. Why? because I had not fully given over to God’s ability to coordinate the flight path of my life.

How often do we place our trust in our own abilities to make things happen?

How often do we place our trust in our other people’s abilities to make things happen for us?

I always say if we are to be honest enough with ourselves, we will find that a lot (although not all) of the mistakes and negatives in our lives are down to decisions we made the day we decided to take things into our own hands. Everyone in life wants to feel validated, wants some sort of success or accomplishments; and when we feel things are not moving our way, just like the impatient child who couldn’t wait for mummy to get the cookie from the cookie jar off we go and try and get it ourselves.

When we are functioning at this stage, we never stop to think of the consequences, the hindrances or obstacles we will have to overcome in order to get to the cookie jar. Then there is that stage where we go about looking for anything and anyone who can validate us so that things can move in our life in the direction WE want (Forgetting God yet again).

Desperation is a very dangerous place to be at because this is the stage where we just take chances without seeing the bigger picture. Some people will even do wrong things that they know they are very uncomfortable with all for a name. After we take these chances the end result more often than not is always frustration hurt and disappointment.  We should never choose to overlook God’s thoughts on any matter that concerns us.

God doesn’t want us hurt or disappointed, if anything God has good plans for us. He is stretching out His arms towards us and calling us out of the deep waters that are drowning us. So, before we allow ourselves to drown because of pride; let us catch that lifeline He is throwing to us and repent of our ways. Let us learn to trust Him completely by approaching him with all our plans before we commit to them. Many of us would have easier lives by now had we only consulted God first about our choices and decisions.

God bless you and I hope you will surrender your will to His.


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