UK MUSIC NEWS: Former Vital Signs member Crown Freedom releases New Single

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Having gone through the worst year of his life, Crown Freedom is dropping a fresh touch on previously written song ‘Leave My Side’ with a defiant new energy and title ‘Got God on My Side And What’, set to be released on the 24th May, featuring Meg Latham.

“Last year was hard to say the least. I dealt with a back injury, a close friend of mine passing, a character attack and friends turning their backs on me. Amidst all that, I felt a form of anxiety that was unfamiliar to me every time I had to perform. It felt like I had lost my ability to rap. I just didn’t want to do it anymore”

If you are more inclined towards an up tempo club house vibe with heavy bass lines, then this one is just for you. With summer around the corner, don’t be surprised when you hear this pop up. As this is the Manchester based rapper’s first release since leaving The Message Hiphop Group, ‘Vital Signs’, Crown is back with a power anthem ‘God On My Side’, filled with hard-hitting lyrics, a heavy flow with thought provoking one-liners delivered
with real energy.

“I want people to hear this song as my testimony and know that even when God’s quiet, his presence is still with you. All you have to do is show up, and he will do the rest”

‘Got God On My Side’ will be available to download /stream on all major online platforms including I-tunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music.

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