Viral Opinion Post: Let the Dead rest!! Share your thoughts with us on this sexual misconduct issue that has plagued many families, work places or even churches.


On Wednesday Laura Mckimm would have never in her life imagined that a post she shared with a few friends on her Facebook, in regards to the whole Michael Jackson alleged sexual abuse saga would have the effect it has had. Her post has gone viral with many in agreement with her thoughts on the recent documentary that alleges the Jackson sexual abuse. In her post on Wednesday, she shared:

“Just a heads up for anybody who has 4 hours to waste to listen to people lie about being sexually abused, maybe you should get to know some facts first before letting the media give you a biased opinion. For a start the alleged ‘victims’ have both previously swore under oath and signed declarations to say that nothing inappropriate ever happened.” This was in reference to Robson and Safechuck previously vindicating and backing Jackson at his previous child molestation trial that he was cleared on.

She continues; “Wade Robson, the self proclaimed ‘master of deception.’ His own Mother said he could get an Oscar for his lies, was a key witness in the 2005 trial and helped Michael be acquitted. He continued to praise Michael and use his name for his career until 2012 when work dried up. He even personally emailed Michael’s nephew and asked if him and his family could go to his memorial.”

She further states: “He wanted to be successful and got the opportunity to be a film director of a dance film. It got too much for him so he tried to get a job on a famous Michael dance show called ‘One’ when they found someone who was more appropriate to replace him he turned sour and all of a sudden realised he was sexually abused for 7 years.”

The viral post continues; “If you do watch the documentary you will see him burn some memorabilia from Michael, it must be that repressed memory again because a Julian’s auction house came forward the day after it aired and said he had sold the items to them in 2011 and tried to remain anonymous but they wouldn’t allow it. 😂 He tried to sue Michael’s estate for millions and it got thrown out of court as there is no evidence and he has left it too late, not to forget the fact he has previously swore under oath, which is perjury.” Robson was a key witness for Jackson in the past trials.

Mckimm continues; “The reason they have done the documentary is because they are now in debt to the estate and are desperate for people to believe them. Believe what you want, but I 100 percent personally believe the man was innocent and was proven so in the 2005 trial. Not to mention the FBI followed him for ten years and found nothing.”

She closes off with; “This is all about money and someone so desperate to be known and trying to stay relevant. It is so convenient that it’s coming up to his 10 year death anniversary too. It’s sad when we are moving forward with sexual abuse with things like the #metoo movement that proven liars, get away with slandering a dead man, but as Michael once said; ‘Lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons.’
#anythinganythingformoney #proveninnocent#channel4shameonyoufactsdontliepeopledo

There are so many who are coming out with facts that seem to contradict Robson’s claims. Taj Jackson slammed the documentary makers for ‘twisting facts to suit their story’ and even claims that Robson dated Brandi Jackson (Jackson’s niece) for ten years and the icon set them up, yet Robson says the alleged abuse started at age seven and Michael taught him to hate women.

Whatever the truth is, it is sure to come out eventually. What are your thoughts on this issue, should Michael Jackson be left in peace as the dead cannot defend themselves? Do you think people are abusing the #metoo and #timesup type of movements for personal gain?

Share your thoughts with us!!

Source: Laura McKimm


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