Virginia pastor shares COVID-19 recovery story after hospitalization: ‘I cried out to God’.


Kenny Baldwin, a pastor in Fairfax County, Virginia is on his way to making a full recovery more than two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19.

The Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church said he started feeling symptoms on Sunday, March 15. He said he developed a headache and a fever that spiked to 105 degrees. After going to see the doctor, Baldwin said they told him it was likely allergies or the flu.

The Pastor has shared that shortly after he walked upstairs to his wife and said something was in his chest. Subsequently they ended up going to the hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

According to Fox Baltimore, Baldwin said he was sent home with medication and care instructions, but when he started to feel worse he went back to the hospital that is when they kept him for 10 days.

“I had no idea I wasn’t leaving,” Baldwin said. It’s like for 10 days my whole world just stopped.

Baldwin said his time at the hospital was tough. Not only was he isolated from his family, but he was experiencing extreme pain. Baldwin said his entire body hurt, he had chills, trouble breathing, fever and diarrhea.

“The doctor basically said with this disease you’re going to get worse fast or you’re going to hold on and eventually get better, and we don’t know which one it will be,” he said.

Baldwin said that’s when he cried out to God.

“All I had was the Lord,” he said. “I saw God and experienced him in a way like never before and he reminded me that his promises are true and that his word stands and that he never leaves or forsakes us.”

Pastor Kenny Baldwin of Crossroads Baptist Church (Photo: Baldwin family)


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