‘What Would You Do If You Had 20 Minutes to Live?’ Franklin Graham


Have you ever thought of what you would do if you had a few moments left on this earth? That’s a question from us here at I’m a christian and I’m proud to you, us and everyone today. Was the question we left with everyone after the Hawaii Missile alert.  Whilst that particular incident may have been a fluke, think of those people in Hawaii who had no idea what to do with themselves and put yourself in their shoes.

Pastor Greg Laurie in his Facebook video commented on this incident stating that the Hawaii missile scare should serve as a reminder to Christians everywhere that death might be just around the corner, and also noted that the Bible offers two options for where people can end up, namely Heaven or Hell.

Also following suit after the weekend’s false alarm that a missile was on its way to Hawaii, Pastor Franklin Graham used the event as a teaching tool on eternity.

In a Facebook post, he asked users, “What would you do if you only had 20 minutes to live? Would you call on the name of God? Would you ask for forgiveness of your sins? would you contact your loved ones?”

So again what would you do if you had a few moments left here on earth?


I’m a christian and I’m proud


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