When Jesus’ Name Is Taken in Vain, Tim Tebow Knows How to Shut it Down with Love!


The world has noticed Tim Tebow since his days playing college football. But who could have predicted a Heisman trophy winner and pro football quarterback would be so proud and bold of his Christian faith. Whilst other celebrities shy away from their faith once they become famous, Tim Tebow has taken a different path and lived his faith out boldly in a cool and collected manner.

This same cool and collected manner was on display as he kept his cool under pressure. The former NFL quarterback turned minor league baseball player knew just how to respond after someone yelled “Jesus” in vain, at a golf range and it was all captured on video when Tebow participated in the Wrangler Celebrity Shootout in Atlanta to support his foundation’s annual “Night to Shine.”  The event gives thousands of people with special needs a VIP-prom experience

Paul McAfee, a retired punter for the Indianapolis Colts who now hosts “The Pat McAfee Show,” was the emcee of the golf event. McAfee would offer his comments as each celebrity hit 10 balls in an attempt to win $10,000 for the charity of their choice.

He had his camera rolling when after one of Tebow’s swings, McAfee’s show producer yelled “Jesus.” And without hesitation, Tebow responded, “Loves you.”

McAfee’s tweet about Tebow’s response to the Lord’s name being taken in vain quickly went viral with more than 1.8 million views.

Although he did not win the cash prize, Tebow did impress everyone at the tournament.

Tebow is one of the few exemplary celebrities in Hollywood and on a mission to win souls one way or another. A few years ago in his book, titled Shaken. He said his prayer for the people who read the book is “that they’re encouraged to go find a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“And it’s not just the going to church on Sunday morning or Wednesday night,” he admonished. “But it’s actually a deep relationship, a one-on-one, intimate relationship with a God that loves us so much He sent his son to die for them.”

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