World Renowned Integrity Worship Artist Noel Robinson given All-Clear by Doctors.


Worship Artist Noel Robinson took to his Facebook today, to share some amazing news. In his post he shared: “Great news today! over the last few months I have been through some tests that have found growth in my intestine, I have found myself at peace knowing that the first removal of these growth where not cancerous.” He post continued “There was a larger growth that had not been removed as they where carrying out extensive test on this particular growth. It was removed 2 months ago but I awaited results in fear as the results seem to have taken longer than anticipated.”

Robinson shared that the Doctor said that had he waited 8 month to a year, then this growth would have turned cancerous if not treated and removed. However, because he came in for check ups urgently! It was caught.

He carried on saying “I truly was fearful but had to carry my faith in a way that if it was to be then God would get the glory! The most amazing thing was on my initial visit 6 months ago to the hospital the nurse and Dr (who was a pastor of a church who I had performed at) who treated me were christians who recognised me and thoroughly checked me over and put in the urgent request for me to see a specialist to carry out this procedure even the nurse during the procedure when I was fearful told me the songs you sing have blessed many keep your faith! 😀 it will be well.”

Robinson further shared on how God sends enablers in our path stating: “God sent angels to carry me in this season! Travelled leading worship in 5 nations with this!” He also encouraged  many others to get check out. “I want to encourage you men out there to get your check ups.” 

He finished by thanking his family and friends for their support and encouragement over the last 6 months and said “Today I have a victory and at the same my uncle passed away last week in peace with colon cancer! My prayers go out to my family and all the families who’s story has not ended how mine has. That the God of peace will rest in your hearts. 

Praying for Noel Robinson and his Family.




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