Mass Attack – Captivity and Wilderness Dream

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A mass attack and chaos as people try to escape into mountains and the wilderness isn’t exactly the kind on dream one wants to wake to.

February 3, 2024 I had a dream that left me puzzled and cold, yet in sweats.

I have had this dream twice this year and that is the only reason I feel prompted to share.

There was absolute turmoil and chaos as people were being captured.

Often I am left puzzled, questioning if my dreams are just simply dreams or messages to sound the alarm.

The interesting thing is, a lot of times majority of my dreams always end up having huge significance.

Prayer and preparation are a necessity in this climate. Unexpected changes are coming.

I am earnestly praying over a lot of dreams I have had and whether or not I should share them.

This is not a fear mongering blog, so do not fear but prepare and get on your knees.

Warnings come to prepare us so we are not caught off guard.

I recently visited my brother and sister in law, and as we were chatting he says I had a dream about PUTIN.

Before he could say his dream, I interject and say omg I just had a dream about PUTIN for the second time this year.

Matter of fact early hours of that morning is when I had the second dream and also did he.

Remember, we are only in the second month of the year and I’ve had this dream twice.

Allowing him to continue telling us of his dream, he says he saw PUTIN had died.

He explained, I was looking at him in his coffin and he had a dark suit on.

He further  shared, it appeared to be like a Lying in State and he literally saw him.

Lying in state is the tradition in which the body of a deceased official, such as a head of state, is placed in a state building, either outside or inside a coffin, to allow the public to pay their respects.

After he shared his dream, I shared my dreams. Allow me to blend both dreams as I feel they’re related.

In my dream, I saw someone in the likeness of PUTIN.

He looked like and conducted himself like PUTIN, even though I have never met him.

I literally saw someone who looks just like him, felt his Presence and demeanour.

In this dream a mass attack happened. It was almost like an Invasion

We were running all running to the mountains and it was a steep kind of climb that others were falling off.

As we were running towards this mountain, behind us was an army chasing us all.

As they shot at us, people were dying and others being captured.

I saw many people I knew and many others I do not know.

I was with my daughter, running and protecting her.

The guns that were being used by this army, I have never seen before.

(It’s not like I know much about guns either, but these guns were strange)

The bullets in these guns looked like an injection, but inside these syringe like bullets was a liquid like the melted metal of that terminator robot character.

When people were shot with this gun and liquid, they were called the marked ones.

Once shot, they were being captured but I don’t know what they were being used for after being captured.

The way the bullets in those guns shot was so precise and orderly.

Even though one bullet shot, the precision in how it landed on those hit was something I have never seen.

I somehow accidentally got hit in the dream, but still managed to escape.

I then saw this lady who rescued a kid and said she had a cure or something like that.

I followed this lady quietly to this safe space/place that she knew about.

At some point I realised I could no longer see my my daughter and I started making my way back to the big mansion.

The big mansion is where it all started, it was so huge, almost warehouse like.

This is where we were all hiding before the army attacked.

When I arrived back there, I saw someone I knew.

He was sleeping in bed but I can’t remember who it was, even though he felt very familiar and I spoke to him like a very dear friend.

I didn’t tell him I was shot, for my own safety (Remember, once shot you were called a marked one)

I then proceeded to ask if there was somewhere within the grounds I could safely hide.

He told me I could hide there within the properties on ground and told me where to go.

But before I could make it all the way downstairs, someone shouted that PUTIN’S men were on there way.

I some how managed to escape before they arrived. Fast-forward to the other dream as I feel they’re intertwined.

Somehow, I am now caught-up at another house where PUTIN’s army/men are and they have been commanded to scan everyone in search of the marked ones.

Just to recap, remember I was shot but hadn’t told anyone.

When it was time to exit that house/building the army guys doing inspections told me to take off the cap I was wearing.

I complied and they intently looked at me but I remained calm.

Luckily, the scanners hadn’t arrived but they really observed me and eventually said I could go, I didn’t waste time.

I quickly exited and made my way out hastily, because I had family members to locate.

However, as they were examining people, my college friend Odry was in that queue and she refused to remove her cap.

All I heard was someone in the likeness of PUTIN tell his men “execute her” because she didn’t comply.

She was shot on the spot, no time wasted.

The scenes in both these dreams were very chaotic. When people were captured, they were put in camps.

In another part of one the dreams, there were areas where the air was not breathable and people couldn’t live there.

Its like something had happened that caused the air in those specific places to not be good.

When I escaped the other place, I managed to help some people escape with me.

We ended up at this place where people living there were able to live without gas masks

and there were plants growing there.

There was a guy there cutting this plant off and this guy looked like Jack a Sunday school teacher from church.

He was talking to me and showing me this plant and said we only need to cut a little bit of that plant a day.

“It will keep us safe, sustain us and give us long life and its good for our health. Even if we don’t eat meat, this plant is good for our health”.

Within the confines of this place of safety, there was a basement with plentiful  food stocked up.

I remember Jack the Sunday school teacher saying;

“even if that food down there in the basement finishes, this plant will keep us sustained.

He called that plant a plant that God had given us and a little bit a day would go a long way.

But again, the guy in the likeness of PUTIN found out about this place and that I was hiding there together with the group of people I helped escape.

I don’t understand why PUTIN or the likeness of him was after me and I was highly wanted.

The guy he sent to come after us said,

everyone who had escaped with me should just reveal themselves and line up before he starts shooting.

Eventually I was captured but I was fighting and resisting and got startled and woke up.

I am praying over this dream for clarity as to what it all means.

Let us all pray earnestly, because whatever is coming is not a pretty sight.

Don’t be distracted, stay vigilant and fear not.


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