Prince William – The Coming King??

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Prince William Returns to Public Duties as Wife Catherine (Kate) Middleton Continues Recovery from Surgery is the News being reported.

First and foremost did Kate have surgery or not?

Secondly, is the info being put out there the whole truth and nothing but the truth??

Those are questions on many people’s minds.

As if that’s not enough, King Charles was diagnosed with cancer , Buckingham Palace announced on Monday.

There has been presumptions for a while that Charles will abdicate the throne and His son Prince William will take over.

Well he abdicate? That is yet to be seen.

However, what I do know is Charles’ reign won’t be a long one.

There is also confusion in this lineages order of succession.

Currently, there is so much uncertainty and confusion going on with the Royal family that is being stage managed and kept away from public view.

At the start of January, I had a weird dream concerning William and Kate.

In this dream I saw them having a big argument and tempers soared and  there was a physical altercation between them and it wasn’t a pretty scene.

I have been wondering about this dream a lot. Why would Kate and William be fighting like that?

Answers are yet to be revealed. Will we ever find out? Only time will tell.

I had another very weird  dream last year, the year before that, and the year before that.

The same dream multiple times, where Prince William DIDN’T take the throne??? STRANGE RIGHT!

In the dream, it is as if William and George vanish from the face of the earth.

It was such a weird dream, I don’t recall if Charlotte and Louis were born yet in the dream.

As for Kate, I couldn’t even feel her presence in the fold, in that dream.

I know it is probably just a dream, but when you have the same dream multiple times it becomes concerning.

Furthermore, when majority of your dreams always have significance, you begin to ask questions.

Whilst that is just a dream,

What I do know is that, whilst Charles is “Recovering” William is already working in the background and paving the way for the fullness of the Beast System.

Up until Charles vacates the seat, whether through death or choosing to due to old age – ill health.

William, who is heir to the throne, will pick up the extra workload amid this stressful time.

However, will William take the throne?? Maybe or Maybe not!

But what I do know is that Harry will come back Home at some point

As to the capacity in which he will come home, it is yet to be shared.

Keep an eye on this for continuation where more details will be released.


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