Sweden Is Warned to ‘Brace for War’

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Sweden is ‘bracing for war’ as defence and army chiefs issue scary warning to citizens.

The country’s defence minister has urged citizens to join voluntary defence organisations in preparation for an armed conflict.

In agreement with Mr Bohlin, Commander-in-Chief Micael Byden echoed the seriousness of the situation, urging individuals to prepare mentally.

The war warnings voiced by the Swedish government and defence officials at the annual Folk och Försvar conference have not gone unnoticed in Russia.

One of Putin’s closest allies Senator Alexei Pushkov has said in a post on Telegram ;

“Sweden is one of the first countries in Europe in terms of the level of anti-Russian paranoia. Russian submarines have been fishing there for many years, and for some, this has become the main occupation in life”.

According to Pushkov, Bydén’s warning of a possible war is the same kind of “nonsense” that Sweden has said for many years.

Opposition politicians Leaders, including former Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, have objected to the tone of these warnings.

Andersson acknowledged the security situation but argued; “it is not as if war is just outside the door.”

Sweden, after more than two centuries of peace, stands on the brink of joining the NATO defensive alliance.

Pending approval from Turkey’s parliament and Hungary’s consent could mark a significant shift in Sweden’s defence posture.

The civil defence minister and military chief’s warnings are considered a call to action amid evolving geopolitical dynamics.


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