Kate Middleton Cancer Diagnosis!

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Kate Middleton is recovering from a Cancer Diagnosis was the news broken today.

It has been reported that Catherine has been treated for early stages of cancer.

This news has sent shockwaves around the globe.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by any terrible disease including cancer.

Just when you thought that questions will simmer down, it appears there are now more questions than answers.

From the start of the surgery announcement to the where is Kate gate,

Kensington Palace’s  PR machine said her surgery was not cancer related.

Hence why this announcement has left many online simply confused.

It had also been said Catherine will be seen at Easter but at this rate, its highly doubtful.

I think many people seem happy to see what appears as Kate seeming okay as can be.

However, between all the photoshopping, cropping and the farm shop images, many questions still linger.

People are now questioning the validity of the video released and hoping it is genuine.

There has been so much conflicting statements and dates and whereabouts.

Those who have been handling her PR have simply added fuel to fire for more speculation.

The conjecture got out of hand and now there is simply more rumours and questions.

The public are now questioning why her husband was not beside her for support.

People are now also raising questions that the Kate Middleton in the video saying she has been treated for cancer is different to the Catherine that was at the farm shop.

Many online have said this is a narrative they simply will not believe.

Some are arguing that the video is AI generated and claim they can prove it.

As if that is not enough, people are simply shocked that the Palace’s PR machine threw a woman who allegedly has cancer under the bus by letting her take the blame for the photoshopping incidents.

Something doesn’t quite sit right with all this, another said online.

People have stated that the palace lied and lied over again, therefore it is sensible to withhold trust at this point.

With another stating I am glad she appears alive but their track record for truth is not good and therefore I do not believe this is legit.

Cancer is a serious diseases that many have died from and it would be horrible for someone to lie about this.

Especially when all over the globe, many of us have been impacted by the evils of cancer.

There are so many of us who currently probably know someone suffering with this terrible disease

Therefore lets hope for the best and send prayers out to all affected and impacted.

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