Kate Middleton – The Exit!!

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Kate Middleton is Catherine the Princess of Wales.

In 2011, she married William, Prince of Wales, who is first in line to the British throne and together they have three children.

The princess of Wales will not stand beside Prince William for a very long time.

Exit – an act of leaving a place – make one’s departure. ( Leaving in what sense?)

William, Prince of Wales will walk a solo walk in public, but beside him a figure lurks in the shadows.

Betrayal and personal gain is at the heart of the Throne.

Sin, lust and its gratification engulf the crown. Little regard of humility and grace take precedence.

But an upheaval Threatens as sorrows lurk in the shadows of the crown.

Observe the Crown as it is beckoning us to look at the alarming amount of irregularity

A voice cries Concealment, Concealment Concealment (the action of hiding something or preventing it from being known.)

Soon the Nation will be in mourning

The Nation will groan bitterly for overlooking and turning a blind eye.

A cry for redemption is heard from the palace walls, but who is listening?

Bitter cries of regret as they correlate and correspond to times not long past.

If you have an ear you can hear and read in-between the lines and understand what is being said here.

God bless you


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