Met Police apologise for officer who tried to shut down Christian singer Harmonie London

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Harmonie London a Christian Gospel Artist out to spread the Gospel and love in the streets of London was stopped by COPS.

She regularly sets up her keyboard and sings popular hymns and worship with no issue.

However, on Sunday, she was accosted by volunteer officer Maya Hadzhipetkova, who pressured her to pack up and move.

There are no laws against singing on pavements.

Accordingly, the officer was notified that the incident breached Article 9 of the Human Rights Act which protects freedom of religion.

Yet, the officer told the singer she was

‘not allowed to sing church songs outside of church grounds’

The officer was asked:

‘Are you saying that you don’t care about the Human Rights Act?’

In many videos circulating online, the officer is then seen sticking her tongue out in what seemed like a mocking gesture.

Many have come out in support of Harmonie and her right to freedom of thought, belief and religion.

In fact former Conservative minister Ann Widdecombe, called for the officer to be ‘struck off from the voluntary force’.

She told GB News:

‘She really has got the law completely wrong and she was obviously enjoying herself rather too much, trying to boss this woman around.

‘And there is no basis at all for saying you can’t sing. I could walk down the street singing Onward Christian Soldiers and I would be committing no offence at all.’

At the same time, Norman Brennan, a former police officer and anti-crime campaigner, also tweeted:

‘Folks, this is not a good look. Some of us are trying hard to help policing get back public lost support respect and confidence and this does not help.’

Along with Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Concern campaign group, who told MailOnline:

‘One of my favourite things as I commute to work is to hear Harmonie’s beautiful worship.

‘She blesses tens of thousands of people in the same way and brings harmony to the streets. We need more of this, not less. It is shocking that she has been treated like this.’

In addition, Former Metropolitan Police detective Peter Bleksley also commented on the video, tweeting:

‘Lawless Britain. The woman in uniform that is…’

Ultimately it is clear the officer was in the wrong.

However, this is just an example of the Terrible times before us, where our freedoms are being threatened.

Prayer is needed much in these troubling times.



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Prepared Image Credit: Harmonie London YouTube

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